Managing Director, JP Morgan Chase

Ali Marano

Ali Marano leads a social impact practice at JPMorgan Chase (JPMC). She founded Tech for Social Good, the initial program of the practice, in the summer of 2010 and has led the full practice since that time. The goal of the practice is to design and deliver innovative programming to enable JPMC’s dedication to being a good corporate citizen, while creating value for the firm, engaging experiences for their employees, and supporting the communities where they live and work. This is achieved through key program offerings including Social Good Hackathons, the Force for Good program engaging JPMC staff on social good projects as part of their responsibilities and development, offering alternative talent pipelines, programs, and partnerships, as well as youth initiatives. The focus of her work is to build community by uniting staff through purpose and skills driven engagements. Her programming provides experiential leadership and empathy development opportunities while staff create innovative solutions to challenges faced by social good organizations in serving their constituents.

Additionally, by tapping untapped talent with a focus on cognitive and socio-
economic diversity her staff have been able to open doors for high quality talent that are often overlooked by traditional recruiting pipelines and programs. The positive brand lift and industry differentiation resulting from the work of the social impact practice create unique approaches to attraction and retention of clients, customers, and talent for the firm. Ali started her career as a documentary filmmaker focused on social issues and then worked as a strategy and management consultant at Accenture. While at Accenture, she became an Executive on loan to a new nonprofit called NPower, which initially provided technology services to nonprofit organizations, as well as workforce development. Today, NPower creates pathways to economic prosperity by launching digital careers for military veterans and young adults from underserved communities. In the fall of 2000, she left Accenture and joined NPower full-time, where she focused on finding strategic ways to engage corporations in the work of the nonprofit community. At NPower she co-created an online volunteer matching portal connecting nonprofits’ technology needs with skilled corporate volunteers. Ali graduated from the University of Buffalo with a Bachelor’s degree in International Business and Spanish. Ali lives in Connecticut with her husband, two sons, and supermutt Bruno.