Client Success Manager

Jay Vega

As a proud Client Success Manager at CareerWise New York, Jay Vega is dedicated to fostering robust connections between esteemed employer partners and exceptionally talented young apprentices.

Having studied Communications at Florida International University, where he developed skills in empathetic communication, conflict resolution, and collaborative teamwork, Jay honed his ability to understand and meet the diverse needs of individuals. This journey has equipped him with a profound appreciation for the power of strong relationships in driving success.

In his role, Jay is driven by the opportunity to ensure both sides of the program—employers and apprentices—operate efficiently and harmoniously. By leveraging his experience and skills, he aims to create positive and meaningful interactions that propel the mission forward.

Together, they are shaping the future workforce and making a tangible impact on the lives of individuals and the success of organizations. Jay looks forward to continuing this journey of empowerment and collaboration.