Senior Manager, Education Partnerships

Melissa Palomo

Melissa demonstrates her passion for social justice and advocacy as a Project Manager on the CareerWise New York Team. Within the role, Melissa creates and strengthens relationships with school partners to develop new pathways for students to prepare for the workforce. She also advocates for systematic change by assisting in creating programs that develop innovative resources for school partners. Melissa is responsible for recruiting and preparing students to succeed, and supporting their apprentice journey along the way.

Before joining CareerWise New York, Melissa was the QA and Policy Supervisor at a Office of Refugee Shelter, where she developed program policies and processes for program growth, and advocated for the rights of unaccompanied minors. Prior to this, Melissa worked with departments to assist in ensuring they met program and state regulations, and held a variety of positions in the nonprofit and advocacy sector, including Project Coordinator, Researcher, and Developer. Melissa earned her Bachelor’s in Sociology from Moravian College and her Master’s in International Affairs with a concentration in Development from The New School.