Project Coordinator

Tasnia Rahman

Tasnia Rahman is a dedicated Project Coordinator at CareerWise New York, specializing in providing essential support to Apprentices. She contributes to the development and completion of school partnerships and apprenticeship recruitment projects. She’s overseeing summer and winter training programs, coordinating research, visits to events, workshops, companies, and schools for 9th-grade students career exploration, as well as managing important documents such as w2 forms, media release forms, and apprenticeship agreements etc. Tasnia also showcases her creativity by producing short videos/flayers for social media.

With prior experience at CareerWise New York, She previously served as a Project Coordinator at HERE to HERE. In this position, sher assisted students in preparing resumes, cover letter, completing administrative tasks, collecting necessary documentation from apprentices and parents, and maintaining detailed records. Tasnia has diverse leadership experience, including participating in the Braven Accelerator where she spearheaded creative and innovative projects. She also served in the Student Government at Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School, organizing events.

In her Summer youth employment program, Tasnia gained valuable experience working in various roles. At Lincoln hospital, she focused on HR tasks, learning about recruitment and employee relations. She also honed her video editing skills at the Educational Video Center, contributing to final project creations. Additionally, her participation in the NYU Excel program showcased her dedication to researching important issues like global warming.

Tasnia Currently pursuing a degree in Cybersecurity at Baruch College. She loves painting, Ice Skating, and dancing. She is driven by a passion for continuous personal and professional development.