Employer Qualifications

CareerWise New York works with strategic-minded business partners that have an interest in becoming producers of their skilled-talent pipeline.

Could you be a CareerWise New York Business Partner?

Here are some questions to ask

  • Does your company have an entry-level talent problem?
    Do you have trouble recruiting or finding good applicants for entry-level, middle-skill positions?
    Do you have trouble retaining good entry level talent?


  • Does your business’ entry-level talent problem align with the pathways and occupations CareerWise supports?
    Career pathways are job families within an industry : Business Operations (ie Project Management), Information Technology (ie Computer Care Associate), and Financial Services (ie Accounting Clerk)
  • Does your company have the internal capacity to host, supervise, and train apprentices? (Typically, these are businesses with 10 or more employees)


  • Does your organization think strategically about talent pipeline issues in three- to five-year time frames?


  • Can your business align the support of the executive, HR, and potential business unit departments to champion the idea participating in an apprenticeship?


  • Does your company have the budget space to support the apprentice’s wages and training costs?

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