Developing in-demand skills and competencies for students

Educators and Modern Youth Apprenticeship

Different Learners, Different Environments

New York high-school students are struggling to find meaningful work and direction, as school often does not provide students with a supported, career-attached curriculum and environment. At the same time, major New York companies are looking for skilled employees to fill high-paying, in-demand positions. CareerWise New York recognizes that educators cannot bear all the responsibility of preparing today’s students for the highly-skilled workforce of tomorrow. By facilitating a relationship between schools and businesses and offering assistance on curriculum development, we’re helping educators bridge the gap between education and workforce demands.

CareerWise New York apprenticeships create an applied-learning environment for students who thrive when tackling real-world problems. Apprentices are onsite with their employer 16-24 hours per week, so close coordination on schedule flexibility and graduation requirements is a major focus. Our team works closely with districts, schools, and counselors to ensure a smooth process for students, educators, and businesses.


Educator Resources

Career Advising and Exploration

CareerWise New York believes that strong career advising and exploration are critical foundations for decisions about youth apprenticeship and other high-quality career and college opportunities. The resources below are some of our favorites. We’ll continue to add to the list as we discover more.

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