“Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.” - Albert Einstein

Education Partners

CareerWise New York currently serves 39 high schools across four boroughs. Not seeing your school? Tell your school counselor you’re interested in applying for an apprenticeship…they may have other, similar options for you.

Participating Schools



Academy for College Preparation & Career Exploration (ACPCE)

Academy for Scholarship & Entrepreneurship High School (ASE)

Academy of Innovative Technology (AOIT)

Bronx Center for Science & Mathematics (BXCSM)

Bronx Collaborative High School (BXC)

Bronx High School for Business

Bronx International High School (BXI)

Bronx Leadership Academy II High School (BLA2)

Brooklyn Technical High School (BT)

Brooklyn Theatre Arts High School (BTA)

Brooklyn Community High School for Excellence and Equity

Brooklyn Studio Secondary School

Channel View School for Research

Chelsea Career & Technical Education High School (CCTE)

Crotona International High School

Cultural Academy for the Arts and Sciences (CAAS)

DreamYard Preparatory High School (DYP)

Facing History School

Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School (FLH)




Gotham Professional Arts Academy (GPA)

High School for Global Citizenship Hyde (HSGC)

Laboratory School of Finance and Technology (LFT)

Morris Academy of Collaborative Studies (MACS)

Quest to Learn High School

School for Classics High School (SFC)

Science Skills Center High School

South Bronx Community Charter High School (SBC)

South Bronx Preparatory (SBP)

Thomas A. Edison Career and Technical Education High School (TAE)

University Heights High School (UH)

Urban Assembly Academy of Government & Law

Urban Assembly Charter High School for Computer Science (CSH)

Urban Assembly Gateway School for Technology (UAG)

Vanguard High School (VHS)