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Getting Started

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Apprenticeship is an Opportunity Multiplier

Where can apprenticeship take you?

Figuring out what you’re going to do when you finish school can be overwhelming. But, through youth apprenticeship, you can see how combining education and career today can put you on multiple paths to success.

Whether you’re on your way to college, directly to a career, both, or simply aren’t sure, apprenticeship can help pave the way to a successful future. Check out the benefits below!




See how apprentices are earning and learning in Colorado

A Closer Look

The Pathway to Combining Education & Career

Students can now apply to work with hiring companies.

Students can log into the Apprenticeship Hiring Hub to create a profile before applying.



Once school begins, apprentices spend part of their week learning at school and part of the week learning on the job. The apprenticeship is a three-year engagement (junior year, senior year and a third year). Following the apprenticeship, some students will work full-time in their field, some will become full-time college students, and some will do both.