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Designated Approver’s Weekly Update – November 22, 2021

By Melissa Paloma | Project Manager

Weekly Action Items

  • Set up recruitment pitches!
  • Share our Apprentice Panel event on 12/15!
  • Contact Noel if you are interested in providing feedback to our WBL-Curriculum!

Feel free to use the pre-recorded video to send out to families and students. Here is the link to view the video. 

The Ed team is exited to begin pitch and pitching in person! If you have not set up a pitch yet, work with your Ed team point person to get a pitch date on the calendar!  We are looking forward to pitching and engaging with students about the CareerWise program.  

As a reminder, the Ed team will provide a full update on apprentices and the vaccine/testing requirements per company in separate emails. Please be on the  lookout for those updates from your CWNY Ed team point person.  

P.S. CareerWise New York is hiring! Please share these two job descriptions to your network: Director, Educational Partnerships and Manager, Educational Partnerships!



Your CWNY point person will work with you to implement and begin recruitment at your school. In the conversations, let your point person know about your interest in the WBL Curriculum. We will ask that all interested students for the class or the program be vaccinated or willing to be vaccinated by the start of their apprenticeship since most employers will require vaccination. This is the general rule the Ed team is providing in order to not have different policies from employers become overwhelming for you all. 

As a reminder a recruitment pitch to the resources folder. Here is the link to the video and the resources folder.

What to look forward to: in-person pitching, employer engagement events, and our WBL- curriculum that will be released for the Spring semester!

For those students who were hired August- September, there is a make-up CDI Phase I is complete! Those students should just be working Monday-Thursday 2-5pm!

Here is a review of the document students and their families sign as part of entering the apprenticeship program. If you would like a signed copy of the agreement for an apprentice at your school, please let us know!

Cohort 2 (Seniors) Apprentices
All cohort 2 apprentices should ideally be available to work 1-5pm, Monday-Thursday!  If they are scheduled for a 2pm start time and a 1pm release from school, please do keep that schedule. To view Cohort 2 Employer Schedules, click here

Cohort 3 (Juniors) Apprentices
All cohort 3 apprentices are working  2-5pm, Monday-Thursday (except for those noted in the employer schedule)! For Cohort 3 Employer schedules, click here.

Closing Reminders

Do not email supervisors/employers, all communication must go through our Employer team. Please contact Greg Mateo, or Aimee Thronsberry,

If there are any questions or concerns please reach out to Melissa Palomo,