CareerWise New York Announced New Scaled Youth Apprenticeship Initiative With the New York City Office of the Mayor, New York City Public Schools, and New York Jobs CEO Council

This new public-private partnership will connect high school students from 60 New York City public schools with businesses to provide on-the-job training for in-demand occupations.

NEW YORK: CareerWise New York announced today the launch of a new scaled youth apprenticeship program in partnership with the New York City Office of the Mayor, New York City Public Schools, and the New York Jobs CEO Council. The public-private partnership will place high school students from 60 New York City public schools at some of the largest employers in the city to provide on-the-job training in an adaptation of the Swiss youth apprenticeship model.

“New York City schools have diverse and ambitious students that have great potential to succeed in very demanding careers,” said Barbara Chang, executive director of Career Wise New York. “Youth apprenticeship is an integrated approach where industry and schools work together and where businesses have a direct role in developing workforce talent, ensuring that students from all walks of life learn the skills to thrive in the jobs of today and tomorrow.”

CareerWise New York will work with partners in the city government and private sector to widen the scope of its three-year youth apprenticeship program across technology, financial services, and business operations pathways.

CareerWise New York apprenticeships divide apprentices’ time between the traditional high school classroom and the workplace. Students earn a wage while receiving hands-on work experience where they can contextualize their classroom learning. After completing an apprenticeship, students are equipped with a robust professional network, directly applicable work experience, and essential soft skills such as communication, resiliency, and collaboration. At the end of the program, students are well positioned to pursue a variety of options, such as enrolling at a two or four-year college, entering the workforce, or seeking specialized vocational training.

Through this new public-private partnership, CareerWise New York will dramatically expand the number of students and schools served under their apprenticeship program. Expanding the program will allow CareerWise New York to increase school participation by as much as 100 percent, giving more young people the opportunity for personal growth and professional development as an apprentice. Additionally, the number of apprenticeship opportunities will also grow dramatically: up to 3000 youth apprenticeships over the next 3 years.

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About CareerWise New York

 CareerWise New York is a business-led, student-centered apprenticeship program created by leading New York city companies to address the widening gap between what employers need and what schools provide. The program serves a diverse range of students in a three-year program that aims to teach students both hard and soft skills required for success in high-performing, rapidly growing industries. Since its inaugural cohort of apprenticeships in 2019, CareerWise New York has served nearly 460 students, and currently works with 47 schools and 21 companies across the city.