Executive Director, New York Jobs CEO Council

Kiersten Barnet

Kiersten Barnet is the Executive Director of the New York Jobs CEO Council, a non-profit organization on a mission to  hire 100,000 low-income New Yorkers into career-ladder jobs by 2030. The Jobs Council’s 30 CEOs lead some of the  country’s largest employers and are committed to bridging  the gap between education, industry, and community to  create sustainable career pathways for underserved and untapped talent.  

Before joining the Jobs Council, Kiersten spent nearly 15  years at Bloomberg, the leading provider of financial news,  data, and analytics. As Global Head of Bloomberg’s Gender Equality Index (GEI), Kiersten’s team brought  

unprecedented transparency to workforce data at public  companies, creating a social reporting framework for the  investment community and launching a sector-neutral index  that tracks the financial performance of the world’s most  inclusive companies. Index inclusion has become the gold  standard for issuers and investors and the GEI’s performance continues to fortify the business case for  diversity. In her previous role as Deputy Chief of Staff,  

Kiersten worked with colleagues and clients in over 40 countries, collaborating with senior leadership on key business and internal initiatives, corporate communications, and strategic  partnerships. 

Skilled at publicly advancing a mission, Kiersten has spoken at Fortune 500 companies and on global  stages including Davos and the New Economy Forum. She was the host of Bloomberg’s on-camera  interview series “Invested in Equality”, interviewing inclusive leaders including Goldman Sachs CEO  David Solomon and Coca Cola CEO James Quincy. 

Kiersten is the co-founder of the U.S. 30% Club, a group of influential CEOs who are diversifying U.S.  boardrooms, as well as a member of the Women’s Forum of New York and former strategy officer  to the World Economic Forum. She sits on the investment committee of Project Sunshine, a non profit organization that brings joy to more than 150,000 pediatric patients around the world.  Kiersten is a graduate of Washington and Lee University and lives in New York City with her  husband and two children.