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Students, our Hiring Hub is now open!

Apply today to begin your three-year journey with CareerWise New York, a youth apprenticeship powered by HERE to HERE.

Students, our Hiring Hub is now open!

Apply today to begin your three-year journey with CareerWise New York, a youth apprenticeship powered by HERE to HERE.


In an op ed in the Wall Street Journal today, Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase  and Félix V. Matos Rodríguez, the chancellor of the City University of New York (CUNY), announced that 30 of the world’s most influential employers are forming the New York Jobs CEO Council (the official announcement can be found here). The Council has committed to hiring 100,000 New Yorkers by 2030—with a focus on low-income and Black, Latinx and Asian communities.

As part of the establishment of the Jobs Council, CareerWise is becoming an independent nonprofit after incubating within HERE to HERE for our first two years. We’re now an initiative of the Jobs Council, and our work—creating a youth apprenticeship system that generates equitable pathways for the young people of New York—will be central to the Council’s objectives of ensuring that our communities have the skills and social capital to step into modern, high-growth positions that lead directly to long-term career success and, ultimately, a more inclusive, equitable economy.

The Coronavirus pandemic is exacerbating the disparities in income and career opportunity, and the racial injustice protests are shining a light on the need for a new way forward to ensure our economy works for all of our communities. The Jobs Council and CareerWise are working with New York City employers to build a system that aligns education with the skills needed to compete in a modern economy. A system that provides additional opportunities for students and new talent pipelines for businesses.

We’re forever grateful for the start that HERE to HERE provided CareerWise in its incubation period; in our first two years we’ve created more than 150 jobs for youth apprentices. As we build on that foundation, we’re honored and thrilled to be a part of the Job Council’s efforts in New York. And, we are extremely proud to be part of the growing movement across the United States that recognizes the need for multiple paths to career success and help shape America’s modern youth apprenticeship system.

Stay tuned for more about the apprentices and the Council-member employers that have hired them in the weeks to come—there are already some amazing stories of individual and business success in youth apprenticeship amid 2020’s turmoil that we can’t wait to share with you.

CareerWise New York is a youth apprenticeship system based in New York City. CareerWise New York offers a three-year applied-learning environment for high school students and an innovative talent-acquisition strategy for businesses. With apprenticeship, students earn debt-free college credit and nationally-recognized industry certificates through their meaningful work experience in fields such as IT, financial services, and business operations…all while graduating on-time.

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Empowering Educators

A targeted path to success

Too many young people enter college without an understanding of how higher education can further their career goals (or even what their career goals are). Apprenticeship helps shape ideas about career while building transferrable skills.

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Creating a skilled workforce

Even in times of low unemployment, many jobs go unfilled because employers cannot find people with the right skillset because too often, students graduate from high school and college without the advanced-skills needed to be successful in today’s 21st-century workforce.

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An innovative approach to an existing model

In Switzerland, more than 70 percent of students take an apprenticeship in fields such as financial services, healthcare and information technology. CareerWise New York is adapting that model to implement modern youth apprenticeships in the United States.

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A different look at learning

CareerWise New York offers a three-year apprenticeship designed by businesses and offered in partnership with schools, taking students out of the classroom and putting them in the workplace in meaningful, paid positions for 16 – 24 hours a week while earning high-school and college credit.

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Apprenticeship is an options multiplier

Apprentices complete the program having gained meaningful work experience, an industry certification, debt-free college credit and an established professional network. And, they have options: convert the apprenticeship into a high-demand position in their industry, or continue their higher education…or both!

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Business-led & student-centered

Industry helped develop the competencies to which apprentices are trained, and are in complete control of the competitive hiring process. The CareerWise New York model provides positive ROI on apprentice production and can help develop staff through low-risk management opportunities.

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Creating an empowering education partnership

The innovative approach provides an environment for learners to apply their classroom studies to a real-world environment with stakes. Apprenticeship has been shown to contribute to positive outcomes for schools by increasing student engagement and attendance, graduation rates and credential and college-credit attainment.

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Together, we are connecting education and industry.

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